Sketching the positivity.

Pakistan has been portrayed negatively throughout social and electronic media and this is a major problem for our country and us living in it. They talk about terrorism, lack of economic development, unemployment, political instability, corruption, illiteracy, and crime rates here, but we forget that these are the problems which almost every country is facing. So this is a big problem and we will fight this problem by highlighting the positive aspects of Pakistan.

Starting with, Pakistan is one of the few countries which has been blessed with all four weather ranges from winter, spring, autumn and summers.

Also we have one of the best tourist destinations in the world which contain almost every type of terrain possible for exploration. From northern mountainous area to sandy beaches and everything in between. These ranges allow the land stricken countries to access to sea ports, such as Bin Qasim and Gwadar port.

With different types of terrain comes the different type of crops and Pakistan’s major exports include from cotton, wheat, rice to sugar cane. And also one of the most favorite and world renowned export from Pakistan are the mangoes and there are different type which are Pakistan’s among best exports.

Being a highly diverse business culture, Pakistan manufacturing include some of the highest quality products for some of the most famous brands. The products include from leather material to almost every sporting goods required in professional sports.

Also Pakistan has one of the most abundant reserves of salt, copper and coal.

There are a lot of positive aspects of our country hidden due to everyday chaos, which has become a major problem in our country. All we have to do is observe the positivity and shut out the negativity which is being constantly displayed in our social and electronic media.