WTF Facebook

Momin Sajid
Jun 30 · 2 min read

Ive recently started to really heavily invest my time on UX and UI experiences and have started to notice silly mistakes, inconsistencies and damn right idiocies. Facebook never really had an influence within the UI Design realms until it decided It wanted too and boy is it getting it totally wrong.


First of all, what is that iconography? Mixed batch of incoherent icons which look like they were designed for a kids app, not Facebook. Lined icons until selected becoming coloured, shaded and textured – they just look horrible. What’s worse is, that the colour scheme they’ve chosen for the icons doesn’t match the rest of Facebooks brand, so how why is this possible?


Facebook has always had this rather classic blue and white approach to its branding which has spilled all over its desktop website for many years. For some odd reason, Facebook is deciding to add a life of colour into its apps and desktop websites and it just doesn’t flow. Whom ever the lead designer of Facebook is clearly asleep because this is just not the visual standard Facebook has set. What’s more insulting is that people just don’t see this.


I understand that Facebook is going though a transition and trying to update this app (which has a huge following) is daunting so introducing changes slowly and over time does improve the likely hood that is following will learn to accept the changes. But please change it quickly. Unlike snapchat which changed its app over night to receive a hell load of criticism – but that’s a story for another blog post.

Save it!

Either go hard and change the app for the better or go home.

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