momit® has taken another step in its internatoinalization process with its launch in Latvia, thus expanding its activity field and distribution of smart devices. momit® already markets its products in 14 european countries, deeping an expansion process that began two years ago.

Latvia is an interesting destination for its climatic conditions, requiring heating for many months annually. At the same time, it is a market where the proper use of heating, saving and electricity efficiency are traditionally key factors when choosing how to heat homes.

momit® will be distributed through Bité stores, the second telecomunications operator in Baltics, where users can find both momit Smart Thermostat and momit Home Thermostat, as well as momit Extension Kit. These countries are very interested in this technology due to the high use of heating and consequent environmental problem.

momit® has use in this countries a similar implementation strategy, than in other countries before. In this way, it already has presence in 13 countries including France, Italy, United Kingdom, Romania, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Its scope is majority focused in Europe, but without leaving its development in the United States.

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