Fear is a choice — Counterpoint

Fear is an IMMENSE topic. It conjures up all those times in my life I have felt it, and every emotion associated with those events. I am fortunate it is never debilitating, though it is sometimes gnawing (while it whispers “you can’t, you shouldn’t). For me, fear is often associated with feeling a lack of control over the situation (which could be a topic entirely itself one day!).

I’ve been reading a charming book, The Little Paris Bookshop, by Nina George, about a Parisian bookseller who has a floating “apothecary” bookshop. He sells books that cure his customer’s problems, and sometimes barters his books for goods. But he is struggling to cure his own love problems and is told by a friend, “Fear transforms your body like an inept sculptor does a perfect block of stone. It’s just that you’re chipped away from within and no one sees how many splinters and layers are taken off you, and you become more brittle on the inside.”

And I think of stone, incapable of moving, paralyzed, and I know people who live their lives like this…safe, brittle on the inside…and then have terrible regrets. In those moments of fear, I find what helps me is to:

  • breathe, (don’t react!) meditate or pray
  • identify the emotion and specifically what caused it (not easy!)
  • walk down the “what if” road of your fear step by step, as you accept that you can handle each of the possibilities if they occur
  • check your rear-view mirrors and realize that there are people along the road with you — a friend, a parent, a doctor, or maybe whoever you turn to for spiritual guidance. Quite possibly they are ALL there, just in case you need a push or jumpstart.
  • then decide whether you will run or rise!

Fear has two meanings: 1) Forget Everything And Run, or 2) Face Everything And Rise — Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker.

Lelt’s RISE! And think about what could go RIGHT!


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