The Tasmanian Devil

Slow down for the real work — Counterpoint

“Slow down…rushing means you miss what’s RIGHT HERE.”

I have a person in my life who reminds me of this whirling character, who sometimes enters a room in a tornadic frenzy, then disappears as quickly as he entered. A different person in my life used to see acres of beautiful gardens only through the narrow lens of a video camera, instead of the beauty en masse. They might be missing what is RIGHT HERE.

Just this morning, author John O’Leary (his book On Fire) posted this quote, “Busy isn’t productive. Your ‘to do list’ isn’t most important; the list of commitments you actually honor is.”

Sometimes I am guilty of just keeping myself busy, instead of honoring commitments I have loosely made to myself; and that’s the problem, they are loose commitments…I’ll get to them when the house is clean, when I finish this book, next week will be quieter…

The “real work” has to be a balance of living life, breathing life, and accomplishing not only the “to do list,” but our greater goals. But don’t miss the RIGHT HERE moments along the way, the moments put in your path to make you stop…and say ah-h-h…


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