Juggling family, friends, health and work

The Fifth Burner — Counterpoint

The Four Burners Theory is a fascinating theory about “burners” in your life that you can dial up or down: family, friends, health and work, and it was my son’s blog that spurred me to research this. I highly recommend reading this, because the theory is that you won’t reach your full potential in any of these 4 areas without “turning off” one or two burners! Yikes! How do you choose?!

But we are forced to choose. Sure we could “do it all,” but are we doing our ALL to our fullest potential? One of them surely suffers. I guess I chose to forego “work,” or more accurately “career,” so that I could do family, friends and health really well. I fully recognize that, because my husband turned his WORK burner on full-blast, I was able to keep my 3 burners pretty well lit.

My son suggests that a FIFTH burner exists..the pilot…as in the spark. I’m suggesting it’s…faith…whatever that means to you. For me, it’s God, for others it’s their own spiritual being that guides them on their journey, that keeps the flames burning at just the right temp, at just the right moment. This faith is in the center like a campfire, with everything else sitting around it.

Life is good…now for the marshmallows…


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