4 Walls and a Lifetime of Memories

I don’t know who you are yet; and maybe I never will but you will have a piece of my life that I cherished for the last 14 years. I guess I never thought about how I would feel when the time came to say goodbye to the place I have called home my entire adult life. I can recall moving all over the place while I grew up. I probably lived in at least 8 different places before the age of 20 but for the last 14 years I’ve only called one place my home. I never once felt an attachment to those houses; although I remember dreading having to move and make new friends in the neighborhood.

This is the house I came home to after I said “I do” to my best friend and husband. It’s the place that I brought both of my beautiful blue eyed daughters home to after they were born. It’s been the place where our family has found a safe haven after a stressful day, week, month, and in some cases even year. Right now to you, it’s just a house. But I can assure you that it is a house that has been filled with love, laughter, tears, challenges, and memories. It has had pictures of children’s art work hung on the wall and family portraits that perfectly describe “us”. The walls that are now empty have been filled with an array of items both physically and metaphorically; and if they could talk you’d be in for a lot of interesting stories to say the least. At the end of our street is where every morning for the last 8 years my oldest daughter has gotten on and off the bus; our yard has been the neighborhood hangout for as long as I can remember and as much as I used to become irritated with all the screaming, loud giggling, and noise I have a great appreciation for the fact that it was where so many memories and friendships were made for my girls.

By this time next month, this space will be for sale. All of our personal belongings will be tucked away safely awaiting the perfect time to move them to a new “house”. A place that will be filled with the same type of memories from its previous owners. And although the building doesn’t store the memories for us this place will always be a historical monument in our lives; we have a lot of history between these 4 walls. First home, first child and last, first words, first steps, first accident; the memories of all these first will forever be associated with this place. There will also be a lot of last associated with this place once we close our door for the final time. And although soon enough the place will no longer be mine the memories that my family has here will always be with me. So although I don’t know you, and perhaps I never will, I want you to know that this “house” has the potential to help you create a lifetime of memories of your own. Be kind to it; it’s a place that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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