How to Get Your Sexy on in Barcelona this Summer in Six Easy Steps

There’s just something about Barcelona. Among the vivacious Catalans, it’s not hard to feel like you’re living your best life — immersed in a culture that seems designed to bring out your sexiest side.

Oh, sure…there are enough things to do in Barcelona that you could easily fill a week visiting some of Spain’s best attractions or seeing some of Europe’s most influential architecture.

But Barcelona is so much more. So toss aside the mom jeans, let your inhibitions go and be prepared to feel 25 again in the city that’s considered Europe’s South Beach.

Here’s my ultimate prescription for bringing out your inner goddess in Barcelona:

1. Pack for summer in Barcelona by channeling style icons like Charlize Theron, Kaia Gerber and Olivia Wilde. While anything goes in this city, the sexiest locals are oozing with taste and class.

Rooftop pool? Check. Just add the party. (Photo credit: Andrea Traynor / @mommygearest)

2. Get yourself to a rooftop pool party — day or night. There are very few rooftop pools in Barcelona, and fewer still that have private parties you can access without an invitation, but the IBEROSTAR Paseo de Gracia is one of them. This luxe property allows hotel guests to crash its exclusive rooftop parties. Here, you might find anything from a casual Café del Mar-inspired
daytime soirée to a full-on club vibe by night, complete with Italian bartenders who amp up the available eye candy.

La Barceloneta Beach = heaven. (Photo credit: Andrea Traynor / @mommygearest)

3. Beach it up. And, girl, do it in a bikini; women of all ages, shapes and sizes sport two-pieces in Barcelona. There are a number of beaches from which to choose, both in and surrounding the capital of Catalonia, but getting to La Barceloneta Beach is easiest because you can reach it on foot or by Metro if you’re staying in the city centre. If you forget a towel, there are street
vendors who will gladly sell you large Turkish-style towels for around 10 Euros.

The world’s most divine gelato — as awarded by me. (Photo credit: Andrea Traynor / @mommygearest)

4. Treat yo’self to some gelato. Is there anything more passionate than pure indulgence? No. No, there is not. So make your way through the labyrinthian pathways just off the Las Ramblas area to enjoy the best gelato in Barcelona at Oggi.

Cocktails almost too pretty to drink. Almost. (Photo credit: Andrea Traynor / @mommygearest)

5. Splurge on gorgeous artisan cocktails. Walk into the P41 Bar & Coctelarium like you own the joint and order on one (or three) of its cocktails — each named for a different international airport. Served with intricate details in mind in a sophisticated atmosphere, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t tick off interesting and delicious with every sip.

6. Go dancing. If you don’t party in one of the clubs that line Barcelona’s beachfront, you’re missing out. Pair a gorgeous bodycon dress with a shot of red lipstick and get on the Carpe Diem guest list for free entry before 1:30 a.m. (with a complimentary glass of cava, no less!). Packed with locals and tourists alike, Carpe Diem is open every night of the week. Be prepared for a sultry club atmosphere with music that goes from global top 40 hits to sexy Spanish pop. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself with a few dance partners well into the wee hours.

No one is saying you should forget about your partner (or family or responsibilities) at home, but it’s fun to totally escape from the reality of adulting sometimes and get back into your old skin. It’s still in there,
and Barcelona is the perfect place to do it.

Now go get ’em, beautiful.

An award-winning lifestyle blogger & freelance travel writer, Andrea’s no-nonsense recommendations help discerning consumers navigate a marketing-fuelled world.