Super bottoms AIO cloth diapers : review post

My cloth diapering journey started with Super bottoms AIO diapers.i was amazed by their prints and price tag.Its the most versatile and economical option among all other brands I have.

It comes with a stay dry layer on top of organic cotton attached insert and a non stay dry organic cotton insert.

I use it for day time for 3 hours and change usually.its not because they won’t hold more but I don’t use a diaper more than that.At night I use it along with their hemp booster for better absorbancy for my medium to heavy wetter baby for 12 hours.

I have never had any leaks or rash issues .I think the material used in their diapers is the main reason.They are natural fibres which are great for baby’s bum.

Pros :

Great quality water resistant PUL is used

First CPSIA certified brand

Very easy to use and wash

Never had a staining though I wash only alternative days .

Trim and Super cute prints

No leakage issues and great absorbancy

No need to buy extra inserts since they will give one insert along with it .

It’s economical than other brands in the long run

Dries pretty quickly

If you have a good wash routine the inserts becomes Super soft after each wash.

Cons : None that I found

Overall a must buy if you love to be stress free during your cloth diapering journey 😊