Types of cloth diapers

My love for cloth diapers is never ending.i don’t go behind the prints but I love to try all types of cloth diapers available and I did .

You don’t have to buy all types but it’s good to try and see which suits you better.

Let us see what are the types and it’s usage


As the name suggest it’s a flat square shaped piece of cloth mainly cotton.Ot can be made from used Dothis ( Indian wear) or buy a few cotton fabric ,wash many times and start using.Washing helps in increasing absorbancy and makes it softer.


They are like flats but have more layers for added absorbancy.You can use it as an insert too.it comes in natural fibres like cotton ,bamboo cotton and hemp.


They are the closet to disposables.They comes with inserts and the whole diaper is absorbant.It comes natural fibres and processed bamboo like bamboo rayon.They are the bullet proof solution for tummy and side sleepers ,also a great night time solution .You can either use it with a PUL /TPU cover ,wool cover or leave it like that.

Pocket diaper

Pocket diapers have a pocket to put inserts.They have a stay dry layer on top made of seude or fleece .it’s versatile in terms that you can put any kind of inserts or even flats and prefolds .You can add boosters like hemp which doesn’t come with a stay dry layer

All in one

All in ones can be dealt like disposables.Easier to handle and wash.it comes with a flap style insert which will be sewn together.Some comes with a pocket behind and you can add boosters inside for better absorbancy.

All in two

It comes with a snap able insert .Some come with a stay dry layer on top.You can reuse the diaper cover and have multi insert option.

Hybrid diapers

It can be used with disposables and reusable inserts.You can buy a few shells and reuse it for both .