Lessons From Weather: Don’t Take Criticism

The world is always changing. It doesn’t happen overnight. Eventually the little things will create an impact.

I try to notice these changes in myself. I try to “water” myself with these little things…

Some old and recent memories came to surface, but I use them as a learning lesson. The difference between love and dependency: My expectation of love is a partnership of two independent people working together to create... Not to rely on someone, (especially for those gender specific roles) but to be able to help and share with someone, because being independent is fucking lonely and “sharing is caring”.

It rained and rained here until the valleys and ditches flooded (nothing out of the usual for this time of year). Weather happens. Just like everything else. We either adapt or change to the situation.

Fuck it, I’m changing. I’m learning how to breathe 3 times. To assess my details (calmly) when things don’t go as planned. And to say fuck it. It’s time to be selfish to do the things that are right for me.

And so I leaned the feeling of sadness. Unmotivated, picky, time loss, loneliness, weather can all be depressing. It’s only temporary, seasonal, and situational. Comfort and “water”yourself daily. Change and growth doesn’t happen overnight.

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