I’ve been blogging since 2012.

I started off contributing to a friend’s blog. I wrote about marathon training and did some random product reviews here and there. I liked writing, and it was nice to earn a little money and/or get free stuff. (Best free product = a really nice vacuum, which we still use.) But at the end of the day, I was writing for someone else’s audience. I wanted to cultivate my own readers — people with whom I had a connection, who actually cared about what I was writing.

I started Mommy Runs It in August 2013…

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In May 2018, y family kicked off the summer with a much-anticipated Puerto Rico vacation.

When we talked about our travel plans, we were often met with qualms and concerns about visiting PR in the wake of Hurricane Maria: Is it safe to travel there? Do they have electricity? Are the hotels even open?

Some people assumed that we were going there to do some sort of volunteer or recovery work. But nope. We were simply going to enjoy a fun family vacation on a beautiful island while happily supporting the recovering tourism industry. …

There, I said it. Medium intimidates the crap out of me.

Everything I stumble across on this platform seems profound. Provoking. Professional. This is obviously a place for writers. I love to write. But does being a blogger make me a writer? I’m not so sure.

It’s been a long time since I’ve tried to learn a new online platform. I’ve been blogging for 5 years and micro-blogging on Instagram for nearly as long. My readers there know my story. We’ve connected because we inspire each other or share things in common. But here? …

One of the things I’m asked most often is when I was able to start running after my spinal fusion. Officially, my surgeon cleared me for all activities, including running, at 6 months post-op, although before surgery he advised me to wait until my bones were fully fused (about one year after surgery). However, I’m now at two years post-op, and I’m still not doing much running. This is primarily by choice. I still find running uncomfortable. The impact makes my back ache and cramp. It also makes my SI joints flare up. For me, the cons outweigh the pros…

originally posted on www.mommyrunsit.com

Family vacations are a weird thing.

They always seem like a good idea when you’re planning them, right? You imagine the fun, the laughter, the happy family memories that you’ll be creating. So you plan, you pack, you count down the days with anticipation. The kids are so excited they can hardly sleep.

And then vacation day arrives, and nothing seems to go like it did in your head. …

originally posted on www.mommyrunsit.com

Question: Do You Have Any Spinal Fusion Recovery Tips?

I am 14 days away from mine and scared out of my mind. I’m wondering about how to prepare for the post-op/recovery at home. Do you have any tips or hints? Are there any devices or things that made life easier for you?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and for good reason — spinal fusion recovery is tough, and anything that can possibly make it easier is worth a shot.

The following is a list of tips, suggestions, and devices that may make…

originally posted on www.mommyrunsit.com

On the 3rd night after my spinal fusion, I couldn’t sleep. It was the middle of the night, My husband was asleep, and I couldn’t have gotten out of bed even if I’d wanted to. So I did what most of us probably do — I grabbed my phone and started Googling. One thing led to another, and I somehow found myself poring through articles and forum posts about spinal fusions.

There I was, alone in the dark, in terrible pain, fuzzy-brained from the pain meds — and all I could find were stories about failed…

originally posted on www.mommyrunsit.com

Question: Will My Spinal Fusion Set Off Metal Detectors?

Answer: No, probably not.

image source

The hardware from your spinal fusion shouldn’t set off the metal detectors in airports, especially if your surgery happened within the last 10 or so years. According to my neurosurgeon, this is because most modern spinal implants are made with titanium or other non-ferrous (not iron-based) metals. Titanium in particular is very weakly magnetic — so much so that it is considered to be a non-magnetic metal.

I’ve personally been through airport security (US) a number of times since my spinal fusion, and I’ve never set off a metal detector…

originally posted on www.mommyrunsit.com

Question: Will I Be Able to Feel the Hardware in My Back after My Spinal Fusion?

Answer: There is some chance that you will feel your instrumentation after surgery, but it probably won’t cause you pain.

Spinal Fusion FAQ: Will I Be Able to Feel the Hardware in My Back after Surgery? | Mommy Runs It

screw removed after a spinal fusion — shared with permission

It isn’t common to feel the hardware in your back, but it does happen, especially early on while your body is healing. You also may be more likely to notice it in cold weather:

Patients who have had surgeries such as joint replacements, fusions or plates or screws implanted might also notice more cold-weather pain. “Occasionally there is some aching around the scar, which can become…

Sharon Wilhelm

Runner, Writer, Reader. Still recovering from 2016 Spinal Fusion. Loves: Yoga, Travel, Adventure, Naps. I'm probably at the beach right now. www.mommyrunsit.com

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