The Basic Rules of Netiquette

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It may not be obvious but there are rules on how you behave on the Internet. The word netiquette is the combination of “Net” and “Etiquette”. Netiquette helps maintain the manners of users by refraining the use of abusive language towards others, respecting opinions, and discipline.

Going into depth, these factors of netiquette creates a balance and prevent conflict from occurring in the online world. Here are some of the basic rules of netiquette:

  1. Do not spam. By posting irrelevant content like clickbait articles result to people not preferring to interact with you online. There are people who won’t react to spam nicely and you’ll find yourself in a tough situation to justify yourself.
  2. Always think before you write. Thinking about what you’re actually saying to a person when you’re speaking to them online is really important if you want to get a positive reaction from them. Often, by not thinking and carefully laying out what you say can lead to the other person reacting negatively. It may also look like you don’t care or you’re not interested in what they have to say.
  3. Be patient and open minded. Often you will find people on social media, whose opinions you will not agree with. Sometimes those opinions can lead to a heated argument, causing the need of abusive language to be used. This is not something you should do but rather something you should avoid. Respect other’s opinions whether you agree with them or not.
  4. Grammar is really important. It can help structure your opinions and help the reader understand you better. Using slang doesn’t cater to everyone as not everyone knows it. Using properly written out sentences can convey the message/opinion across.
  5. Your tone matters. On social media, you have to be careful with how you phrase things because you can potentially offend someone. People are sensitive and may misinterpret your tone. Avoid using sarcasm, as it affects your tone and not everyone may understand that you’re using sarcasm. You may come off as rude.

These are the basic unwritten rules of netiquette for the Internet. Remember to always keep an open mind and treat others kindly.

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