A Dog’s TV Time

Louis gets really angry when she finds an animal suddenly appearing on screen, no matter is it running or sitting, whether is it on HDTV or computer or even small phone screens.

She is able to instantaneously distinguish an animal from a human being based on her own criteria.

Watching a soap drama.

It was playing a football game when Louis watched TV for the first time in her life years ago. She was less than six months old back then and she got very excited seeing everything fast moving inside the big box.

Her eyes kept focusing on the rolling ball then she suddenly jumped up to chase it when which was kicked away disappearing at the boundary of screen. She curiously looked all around but finally realized the ball was nowhere in the room. She gave up searching and turned to look at me, quite confusedly. It was so interesting watching a puppy behaving in that way:)

Louis has completely altered my silly misconception that dogs only get attracted to strange sounds from electronic devices. As a matter of fact, they are curious about images (even still) as well.

I have used to film Louis when she is enjoying activities in the open air. She is always an energetic naughty girl running without rest. From time to time then I’d play the edited short movies featured her on HDTV. Dramatically Louis will get furious and run up to bark and bite when she finds herself — a small-sized snow-white westie — running on screen. Evidently she can’t recognize herself. Besides, she dislikes every small white dog for which reason remains a mystery:(

She simply loves large dogs while black is her most preferred colour.

Living with Louis for years I could reason why she gets so angry with animals on TV. To her comprehension those animals suddenly appear in our room which is definitely a huge threat for any dog. Dogs attack intruders with no hesitation at all!

Initially, Louis would eagerly wind to the back of HDTV to check if these animals were hiding behind there playing.

Nothing but a bunch of wires. Oops.

As a human parent I had no idea how to explain to a dog what was really happening in that machine. Louis just returned to sofa and kept watching wearing a big bewildered face.

As time went on she just got used to it and never did such searching job again.

She has developed her own way of adapting to reality.