Do you get treated so differently here?
Julia Altenkirch

I live in a “dorf” on the outskirts of Wiesbaden; as a matter of fact, I have lived here now going almost 20yrs and back then I was the only “different” person in this nice little village. Being a very polite person, would go for a walk and gleefully greet everyone that walked by and most would not even acknowledge that someone was walking by and yet this same people who will be seen, smiling and chatting with their dogs? I am not trying to paint a gloomy picture of Germany but it does make you ponder why people will love a pet so (abgöttisch, the english translation for this word doesn’t quite fit) and yet loathe a fellow human, who they do not actually know personally.

I have tried to integrate; learned the German language very arduously, play volley-ball every monday, have taken less -qualified jobs (paid taxes, ), kept the law and a very open and welcoming personality yet today in 2016, when I attend village events, most people AVOID sitting near me even though they can hear me speak German to my kids

That is why I like the University campus; that is the ONLY place where you are just one of many, and I do get the feeling that all that counts is that you are a student, simply.

I haven’t given up hope that one day, peoples and cultures will meet in the middle and realise that we are all in this race called “life” together, and as such while on planet earth, it would be nice to enjoy this ride by making life worth while for us all by just letting everyone BE themselves regardless of where we come from or are going.

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