Zombie makeup tips for the Halloween party 16-Oct-17

Halloween is the festival when everyone from all walks of life and ages enjoy the ultimate fun. It can be ultimate with the help of makeup kits. It is up to you if you scare everyone with your make up.

For instance, if you want to be a zombie or want to have a zombie look then you need to make sure that you have your makeup that syncs with the zombies that are depicted in movies and be the scariest of anything on the planet earth.

You just don’t need to paint your face with colors or trust me it would look stupid. In order to get the perfect scary look, you must plan everything in advance. Get the entire makeup kit, tissue papers, sponges, and makeup brushes etc.

All this will be needed in order to create a scary look. You can have liquid latex as well from a costume shop. But it should be natural and fresh colored. Last but not the least; you must get grease paint makeup, and white cream face makeup.

Let us have a look at certain tips for perfect zombie Halloween makeup:

· Start the makeup with cleansing the face with cleansing milk or wash it with a face wash.

· Keep your hair back with a band because in case any makeup goes in to the hair, it will be hard to remove.

· Moisturize your face and in case of oily skin, apply face powder on it.

· After the basis, apply thin layer of liquid latex on your face and let the other areas be exposed. Let it dry for 15 minutes.

· Cover whole face and other areas with tissue paper.

· Mix grey and black eye shadow for zombie’s eye look. Make use of the green grease paint around your eyes.

· After eyes, proceed to darken your lips. Dark brown color will serve the purpose good. In case you want to have wounded or torn skin look, then you can rip off tissue papers, and then paint the area with black or red grease paint.

But remember, the makeup will not serve the purpose alone. You need to think deeper and get the darker shades out. Think of how a zombie looks, acts, and reacts.

Watching scary movies where zombies rule and take over the world in this regards can be a great idea.

Once the part is over, removing the makeup properly is also necessary. For this, you must put some baby oil on your face and then wash your face with a good face wash.

If you have decided to be a zombie this Halloween, then buying a proper halloween zombie girl character make up kit needs to be done carefully.

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