The Real Sex Lives Of Muslim Women
Ayqa Khan

Hey Ayqa, I have been a long time follower of your art and think the sort of statement you make regarding hair, your Western-Islamic identity, and women is super interesting!

I was also raised Muslim and like you quickly realized that Islam’s standpoint on sex can definitely be interpreted as somewhat rigid. However, there was this Muslim female sexologist Fatima el-Hajj that brought to my attention some pretty beautiful perspectives on sex from a purely Islamic standpoint.

I thought it is almost romantic that the institution of marriage not only legitimizes sex between husband and wife, but also encourages the act (outside of simple procreation). I also think that it is somewhat considerate that the shaving of one’s pubic/armpit hair (both for men and women) according to el-Hajj, is for the pure sexual pleasure of the spouse (I just thought this last bit would be interesting to you because you portray body hair in such an honest light).

I didn’t have a real question exactly, but did want to say how much I love your art.

Thank you for creating all that you do.

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