So I’m officially dwelling myself on Medium aka starting to import writings from here and there. This post was from Momo’s Murmuring, my Wordpress blog.

So they have a write-in session at the library. A skinny classic-style girl, Georgie, was working there as a tutor. She tutored me two times and I liked her. There were free pizzas and I grabbed a slice; when I saw her carrying a trash can around I said:” Thank you!” in a low voice and smiled. She didn’t seem to have any reaction. As I walk past her I made an awkward face to myself thinking that what are you doing she probably thought you are weird. But as I turned back she laughed and said:”you are so adorable I wasn’t doing anything and you thanked me.”

Then when I was having the pizza, Chase walked by and told me he wrote about Godzilla and said “but you are from China, right?” sounded like someone attempted to tell something funny. I was left clueless both by his words and his cuteness.

Another thing to celebrate, got an A- for my argumentative analysis of Singer’s Solution to World Poverty.

Originally published at yimodemo.wordpress.com on April 17, 2014.

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