The Genius of Weirdness
Willa Köerner

Beautiful writing, it felt good reading it, as it recalled so many similar experiences from my own “relationship” with Zappa(‘s music).

Some gay men from my generation (Im 55) told me that when young, they thought they were the only gay man in the city/world. 
I thought I was the only “different” until I heard Zappa and then I knew it was a more common phenomenon... It gave me courage to stand for my own ideas and opinions and when they changed, they did so because I changed them, not because I needed to fit into a social box. Frank’s music, not just lyrics, helped me a lot in this respect. 
I regret to see that the trust he placed in his family, trust of releasing more of his music and inspiring the new generation, was quite misplaced. I still hope we’ll hear from Frank’s Vault because it’s quite difficult to imagine how a newer version of such a rebellious genius will surface these days. Isn’t it strange that people like him, Hendrix, Joplin, Dylan eo don’t really get born all the time?