Empires come and go, there are some expert books on the stages of an empire’s life.

How would the USA look in 200 years. Still 50 states? I don’t think so.
At one point Texas will break lose and it won’t be so bad. The oil will be over by then, let the rednecks shoot themselves and elect more Bushes.
Probably the W and E coasts will break apart too, fed up with the bible belt that stands between them. Besides, they’re quite different in culture, mentality, lifestyle.
States which are now democratic will see the rise of new political parties, liberals, etc. 
The USA as we know it now will no longer matter on the international stage, the speed of social change these days will hopefully make the military power of a lesser importance in a future that will be hit by climate changes, water shortages, more migration crisis.
China will continue to advance. Every city in the world has a small China Town. The Chinese living outside China don’t have to obey the 1 child rule. They’re more silent and organised.
I put my money on them.
The Arab/OPEC countries will jerk off in the desert, their kings will probably move abroad, to avoid dealing with the disaster in their lands.
The European Union will exist (IF) in a very different form, sustained more by the countries that need to be united with someone or else washed away by their by larger EU domains. No, I don’t think Germany will ever want the Netherlands, thy want highways, not bicycle roads.
As long as there will be religions, there will always be religious fanatics, always Israelis killing some Palestinians (“because they shot first!”)
You parents of today, this is one version of the future that is decided now, and has already started to be created. Your grand children will remember us as the Dark Ages 2 of the human race and the dawn of the scientific Mind. The best qualification the 20th and 21st centuries may get in the future is “Whatever”.
The Arts (of today) will be used to diagnose the illness of a past, malign society (Im talking about us).
If you read carefully, you will see that Im optimistic about the future. On the condition that we slowly, quietly move away from its arrival.

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