Life Lesson: Wonders of life & its destination!!

I have been self criticising and doubting myself. I know it is good at some level because it helps improve oneself and learn, bridge the gap in whatever one needs for growth. But sometime we do cross the healthy level and go beyond, up to the point where it feels pointless and useless, in life, in general.

No doctor has diagnosed or not a doctor myself, head or otherwise, but I believe I just went through that phase. And I have been trying to get back to find myself, struggling rather.

Trying to keep up with life and keep a face that is okay and sensible for all, the society and the surrounding. I kinda lost a little bit of myself in the process. I didn’t think it was possible but I did. Trying to get over a heartbreak which I was not prepared for or had any idea that I would have a heart break. I did not realize until it was too late. There is first time for everything, huh..!!

This lead me to thinking, no matter what we do we always end up stumbling upon things which we thought we would never do or could not possible do.

People say, we are made up of the things we do and we become the choices we make. But what if there are things we have done, that we didn’t want to do it, but becomes a part of us. In simple terms they are called “regrets”. It’s stong of a word, if you ask me. But one should get rid of regrets to lead a happy life, as one cannot do anything to change the past, to make it all go away.

All we can do is accept that, it has happened and move on. So it does not drag us down or slow us down in life. It is easier said than done, I know. But I have a rather difficult question.Where are we going in such a hurry that we have to accept and forget all? Move on and move fast.What if I don’t want to forget? What if all I want is to be there at that moment before it all went bad?

Obviously, this leads to the point where we start beating ourselves up to figure out what went wrong and try to fix it. I don’t think it is wrong, in anyway, trying to figure out what went wrong and trying to fix it too. If we keep moving on fast from the things and live fast, then why are we even leading those lives. We are not in it, we are running past it.

I am sure, we all have heard the saying,

Life is not about the destination but it is about journey.

I know as human, we have always tried and still trying to figure things out and made up things. Our own ways to deal with the things that hurt us.And we have managed to come up with all these, so we can lead a peaceful life and not worry about the future, the destination.

I am not against it, it's more of a wonder, a thought which i am trying to figure out, if any of it make sense at all?

We all have our own perspectives. Everyone has made their own mistakes and learnt lessons from it. As the saying goes:

But how do we know which are we supposed to learn which are we supposed to do it our own?

We are human being, we have this itch to try it out ourselves and see if we can change the outcome, our way. Maybe there was a mistake or an error that the other person didn’t catch. If we rectify that then, maybe, maybe we can change the outcome. Maybe, not the whole thing but a little bit so see if it is even possible. This has led to making impossible things possible in the human history. Without it we would not have evolved at all.

May be that is why people fall in love more often. I get the point of soulmates and I also get the point of having “ONE” for each and everyone. But how do you know, if you have “THE” one or you have not missed it. What if it was led go by mistake and then there is nothing we can do.

And somehow universe has that figure out and learn to re-run the whole things like a program to find another match. If so, then what about the other ones who had already found the one. What happens when the whole thing resets. How do we know it will be same after the re-run or the re-match. Well, sounds more likely to happen in a sci-fi movie. I guess it all boils down to our own belief system or the external force that we lead our lives with. There are some, who accepts the way things are and move on to the next quest and there are some who do not.

In the grand scheme of things, we all revolve around the same thing, wondering about the same questions at some points in life. We do things which have been told not to, may be just out curiosity or just dumb luck but we all walk a similar path and we all have a similar questions.

It will so much better, if we all could just process things in life and ask the questions or clear doubts without being judge or the fear of being judge. Then, we can have so much more mindspace to do a lot more greater things in life.



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