Today marks One Month since “The Unofficial Guidebook to B-school Partner Life” has been out!

Awesome! So, what exactly is in this book?

Everything you need to know on the B-school partner life, the different potential pitfalls and stresses and ways to deal with them. Ultimately, it is an indispensable guide for business school partners to manage the ins and outs of the B-school partner experience and have a successful and happy time.

What’s in it?

Everything: activities, diagrams, advice, anecdotes, checklists, scenarios, characters… The book is 200 odd pages, but it is an easy read. The chapters fit together and build on each other. The broad breakdown is in four parts, as below:

How The Unofficial Guide to B-School Partner Life is organized

> Part One focuses on you: We delve into your frame of mind, your interests (and how to rediscover them) and your emotional landscape.

> Part Two looks at you and your B-schooler: Insights into how to see eye to eye with your B-schooler, how compassion will help you understand the different situations and how to balance it all.

> Part Three centers around the B-school community: The B-school community will be a large part of your new day-to-day life. We look at setting your expectations, building your support system (super important), showing up, and the aspect of socializing within this circle.

> Part Four includes afterthoughts on the experience: Finally we take a step back and look at the bigger picture here, talking about this experience in the bigger context of your life.

Who would benefit from reading it?

Both B-school partners and B-schoolers themselves will benefit from reading this book.

All too often, MBA programs are known for causing disturbances in a person’s lifestyle and family life. By the time you are finished reading this handbook, you will have a set of tools to make the B-school partner experience better than you ever imagined. The goal of this book is threefold:

1. To help you prepare for this B-school partner experience as an individual, as well as a couple.

2. To guide you through navigating the B-school partner experience to your advantage.

3. To present you with the tactical tools that will help you to create an empowering experience for you as a B-school partner and your B-schooler.

What’s this based on?

I didn’t plan to write this book. It jumped at me and asked to be written. As I went through the B-school partner experience, I struggled in various ways to make sense of it all, finding myself in countless hit-or-miss situations. I would eventually overcome these struggles, one by one.

Once the experience was over, I began thinking about what helpful guidance I could offer fellow partners so they could have the best experience possible and avoid the difficulties I went through. As a start, I looked back at my personal experience, and the experience of the partners around me. I then talked to countless past and present partners from various MBA programs. I would often hear stories about B-school partners in relationships where they and their B-schooler mismanaged the whole experience; stories from partners who blamed the B-school experience for their relationship breakup. Across the board, there are stories of distress. I began compiling a list of topics people were most concerned with. Through subsequent research, reading, reflecting, and listening, this guidebook was born.

Partner after partner has told me how they wished they had read this book earlier. In that respect, this book is not only about your life during the B-school partner experience, but also about leading the life you want.

No book has ever looked at the B-school partner experience in depth before. This is therefore the first book to group together techniques, values, and tips that can enable people like you or me to make the most out of the B-school partner experience — and become an active part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Where is it available?

It is currently available on online through Amazon’s worldwide network, and soon be available on the other big online retailers.

Are there any potato pictures?

The book may seem long, but unlike 9gag’s customs, I don’t have any potato pictures at the end. There are some pretty cool diagrams though.

I’ve got another question!

For any questions, send me an email! I may take a couple of days to reply (due to all the launch-related things going on) but we will definitely get talking.

About Mona

Mona Bijjani is a Singapore-based author, entrepreneur and INSEAD MBA candidate. A true third culture kid, she was born in Saudi Arabia, grew up in Lebanon, and has since lived in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Her book, The Unofficial Guide to Business School Partner Life, is the first book to be created in this niche genre, a cross between Success Self-Help and Business Education. Tech-geek, forever student and former INSEAD Partner, Mona is also a facilitator, developing several workshops and online courses, which you can find at

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The Unofficial Guide to B-School Partner Life: Balancing between the B-School Bubble and Reality
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