06. “You’ll never sink this boat”

I ran for the first time in months. My hips, knees, and ankles awoke in aches every time my foot hit the pavement. But,they were starting to work again. That was the important part. I lost myself some months ago. No one would had ever known; but I just wasn’t there. It took hitting what is a privileged sort of rock bottom to be able to transcend to complete happiness.

As a ran along the western coast of Italy, along the small towns that are left in the shadow of cinque terra, I couldn’t help but have a shit eating grin across my face. I was healthy, I have a job I love, I had finally followed through on traveling with my best friend in her home town in Italy, I was practicing Italian by reading it and speaking it, and I was going to Rome in a days time. I have a home in Miami, I have friends who are loyal beyond belief, and every day I exercise, most days with success, the strength of restraint and endurance; a mindful practice. I am so deeply appreciative of the life that I have been able to craft, the scars that I have attained, and the choices I made to get here. I didn’t need this run to prove that, to know these things, but it sure as hell made my grin a bit wider.


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