10. If I had a Diary at 25.

Dear Diary,

It’s been awhile. Some updates? Still career driven. Except now I have one, so that is cool. Definitely an upgrade from the last entry in middle school. Phew.

I woke up to do work at 6:30am and then went back to bed until 10am. It was one of those days. A Friday to be exact. Although I am quite satisfied of the productivity that incurred after that. Work went well. I like it there. I hosted a social afterwards, mingled with my coworkers. And then I walked home.

I have to say that was the best part. Walking home. There is something about taking that time at the end of the day to take a walk and think. It’s another favorite thing I like to do after I eat. I think people would be happier if they made a habit of walking after dinner.

I think the day is less marked about the physical presence I had, and more about what I have thought about; like the day dreams I had in class when I was younger. Now, it’s just transformed into thoughts in between meetings and schedules. Something that I have been thinking about for awhile is relationships- more specifically friendships.

A few months ago a good friend, Patrick, from college asked me to be in his wedding. He said “I’ve been thinking a lot about who I want to share the next chapter of my life with, and you are one of them, would you be in my wedding.” Flattered, yes. That, and profoundly inspired.

Right in this moment. Who is it that I would invite into this “chapter” of my 20's? My terribly growing pains, ambitious, stumbling, rebounding, and restless 20's? There’s 5 more years left. I could say I don’t know, but the truth is, I could make a list. I think we all could. And I think that list is short.

I thought a lot about that today, but really most days as of recent. I am quite calmly inspired by it. It’s brought on a deep sense of aloneness. But, just the right touch of it. The type that is wrapped in warmth. It feels, it feels calm. I think I am on to something here. And I want more of it.

I think I’ll walk more. I think there is something to it.

Love, Bianca.