Day 04: Retreat to the Imagination

I have a problem: I am unable to relax. More specifically- I am unable to doing something productive. Unless I am in complete exhaustion it’s very difficult for me to “relax;” even then, I suppose one would call that “sleep.” The ability to simply lie somewhere for the sake of laying down just doesn’t do it for me. Unless I have a book, an article, or ambition to sleep or meditate or practice something I am simply bored by the thought of not doing anything.

Thus, I have a few hit list items for this vacation. One, writing. This is obvious by now. The second, getting back into my Italian tongue and immersing myself in the language. The third, making a video of this trip; potentially several videos. Why? Well, I want to retreat to the passions I had when I was growing up. Retreat to my imagination, and follow it.

When I was 13 years old I begged my father to buy a Mini Mac, for the pure use of the software iMovie. I borrowed my friends camera and kept it rolling through my last months of 8th grade. This accumulated to an obnoxiously long video of my 8th grade field trip, the petulant child in me refused to edit much of it out. Then, as senior year in high school approached, I again volunteered to film, edit, and create a senior year video. Again long, but no doubt an improvement from the 14 year olds version of “short.” Then somewhere in college as youtube blew up and video blogs started gaining traction- I wasn’t paying attention. I was following the “path” the “plan” the things I should do; instead of the things I wanted to do.

“What job will I get? That doesn’t lead to security..” thoughts that arise in the mind of young American ready to graduate with debt. So interesting how the world leads you to some latter of “success” and then through it sometimes, some of us abandon our passions, the things that make us smile, that we retreat to thinking about creating when we drift off. Those things. I want them back.

Now, during this vacation I am going to use it’s time explore them again. And what’s even more is I get to do it in Italy.