Today I Got A Call…

From my hero. The woman who would walk into a dimmed room and brighten it with her presence. A woman who would dress to kill. A woman who believed in her community just as much as her family and fought for both the same. A woman who made a way out of no way. A woman with passion, compassion, yet turn into a colt 45 and a newport in a second. A woman of elegance and poise. A woman I always dreamt of becoming.

Today was the first time I heard her cry. She tells me that she feels worthless and have no reason for living. She tells me that everything that she has done before has gone unnoticed and frankly “why am I still here?” She tells me that those she have carried on her back are stepping on hers. She tells me that the smiles she helped bring are now molding their lips into scold. She admits, after nine years, she’s an addict in a world of pointed fingers.

Now I, longing to be the woman who lies before me cuddled in my arms, am taking on the role. It is my turn to brighten the room with my presence. It is my turn to strut the runway. It is my turn to fight for my community just as much as I am fighting for her. It is my turn to make a way out of no way. It is my turn to be passionate, compassionate, yet let a sucka know what’s up. It’s my turn to walk with elegance and poise. It’s my turn to remove the kryptonite and restore my hero. My mother.