A travel diary of a working adult

The first half of my twenties was filled with hard core budget travelling — from night buses to hitching, from hosteling to sleeping at red-cross stations. My younger self had no problem trading off comfort for another glimpse of the unknown world.

Recently, I booked myself into a mixed hostel dorm on a semi-business trip out of habit. It turned out to be a moderate disaster. A working adult’s life simply does not agree with a world trotter’s. It was distracting to hear about a fellow traveller braving militants at a border while despairing over a business report. It was frustrating to be waken up by early birds in the small hours if one has a business meeting scheduled for the next morning. As a friend of mine kindly comments, we are now in a different stage of life, like it or not.

Looking back, I am glad my earlier travels happened. Those trips might have appeared as pure fun. But the memories always yield layers of meaning in the years to come, as one mulls over the past and navigates the fleeting present. Do join me in this unfamiliar journey backwards in time.

( First published on 4 September, 2017 in Ming Pao Daily.)

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