Lost All My Photos: Screwed by Carbonite Backups — FAIL!
Doug Braun

I’ve been keep my journals on my computer. I have been very careful to back up files on an external hard drive as well as Carbonite. Well apparently an internet worm came by and deleted two years worth of journals from my computer as well as a tribute I wrote to a lovely cat of mine that passed away. I was not aware that these three files were missing. I discovered them missing on September 3, 2017 so I went into Carbonite to get the files and they were not there. I contacted Carbonite and spent a couple hours with them. Well it turned out that the files had been deleted on August 31, 2017 because they had been missing since July 31. 2017. I have sense gotten rid of the adware that was on my computer — I paid a good price for that. I think Carbonite needs some notification system that a file is about to be dropped before deleting it. The tech I chatted with could see the names of the files that had been lost but he could not restore them.