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Sacro Pasto (Lux Et Filum Caravaggio in the contemprary)

Very often artists have ‘seen’ things that were about to happen, long before anyone else. Art brings the artist into a dimension that often he is not even aware of the true nature of what he does or the message he wants to convey. He is led by an unknown and mysterious force to recount facts that have yet to happen. What I write here is fact in human life. I often found myself in situations before they happened as in the case of the photograph Sacro Pasto of the Lux Et Filum project. I strongly believe that peace can only be found sitting at a table in front of a good hot meal. It is the only time that weapons are decayed and people become equal. I imagined that the leaders of all religions should meet at the table to find peace and so I put together the four best known religions in the world at the table: the Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist and Muslim.
It happens that on May 23, 2014, the same day I was in the studio shooting that photo, we read in the newspapers that the Pope was in Jerusalem to meet the chief religious leaders of the area but the most interesting thing of all is that he had officially invited that day the religious leaders to lunch at his place in Rome , in this case the Muslims and the Jews. Only the Dalai Lama was missing and my wish would come true. The fact was not in the public domain so I could not know the Pope’s agenda right? Or what he would have done that day but in some form something much bigger than me happened. …

Golden fuirt basket and red pepperoni
Golden fuirt basket and red pepperoni
Golden Joy and Rivalry by Monica Silva


“… that to that flower of a girl, to that tender mouthful more tender than a kid, to be treated more than ripe grapes …” Catullus (poem LVIII)

Photography for Monica transcends the simple click and includes a search for months and sometimes years before taking shape in one click. Her production is thus articulated through images with a strong identity, full of subliminal messages and stories.

Food, the element closest to sex as both symbols of sociality and intense and fulfilling pleasures.

Thus was born the Golden Sexy Fruit project, fruits and vegetables painted in gold, freely inspired by classical art with interpretations in pop style. …

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by Monica Silva.

In the era of selfies, man has reached the maximum saturation of the self, even if deep down, we discover that every human being, since the dawn of time, has always been seduced by the ‘autobiographical pulsation’ using every means to leave traces of his passage in this time: Francis Bacon, Caravaggio, Andy Warhol, Edward Hopper, Leonardo Da Vinci and so on.
Our image tells a lot more than we know about ourselves, just let some time go before reviewing a picture to discover shades of which we did not noticed before. …


Monica Silva

Monica Silva is a self taught photographer who shoots complex projects about the daily society.

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