Dear Girl,

There is no shame in choosing to remain hidden, until the day your twin flame lights the way home. Walk away with grace, move on, atleast be strong enough to pretend that you have. But never forget that you haven’t really moved on. Forgive their part which has hurt your soul. You are no goddess. Rage against the injustice of the world. But leave a little grace. When things turn dark and twisted, you should know that its time for you to go. If demons set your soul aflame, be graceful enough to carry the blaze like wings. And as the fire will rise in the sky, so it will in your soul. And the girl who once cowered alone in the dark will now turn her face to the sun and will roar. Lonliness lit your heart, remember that. Turn your mess into art, and bare your scarred soul for all the world to see one beautiful, heart- wrenching word- LOVE. Don’t be sorry that you were not loved back. Be sorry for the moment you were lied to and you believed when he said he did. And when your time on earth comes to an end and you are asked what you think your proudest accomplishment to be… Smile wistfuly and say softly, ‘ I loved.. just loved.. I loved him all and loved him well. I gave him a chance and all the love I had, sometimes even more. I lived to love, even in the painful times most would choose to bury and forget. As for regrets I have just one.. That I didnt try to love him more when it needed the most.’ If love was easy,, you wouldn’t crave it. When love is not madness it is not love. You are brave… girl..

The choice was once your choosing, became my loss,

I was there in your forgetting-

Until I was forgot.

With love to Mon..

I’m yours and always will be..

Yours forever


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