So we’re a coding club that is focused on imparting valuable technical skills and industry-relevant experience to students. We are the first practical-focused coding club at Monash University, and we aim to add value by fostering a programming culture that drives innovation and collaboration.

The best part about being in…

Welcome to our “We Are” series where we introduce you to some of the team at MAC.

At MAC, we don’t just code — we are a group of aspiring designers, software engineers, and product managers. The common denominator is that we all enjoy being creators.

This week, we bid farewell to our Co-Founder and Vice President Rhea Patel. Rhea was a part of the journey from the very beginning, from the creation of the first logo all the way to our very first sponsor, Google. …

Monash Association of Coding

We help students prepare for industry through collaborative learning and projects!

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