Screw it — Make Another Resolution

To be honest, this is one of my most favorite time of the year. The time when people are enrolling themselves into fitness programs, joining gyms and yoga studios, picking a notebook to start journaling again, starting up new ventures or hobbies, (starting to write on Medium again, ha). There used to be a time when I hated New Years Day because I thought everyone was full of shit. Sure you’d start out all excited and energized but year after year the same thing would happen. You’d stop. Because inspiration isn’t sustainable, discipline is.

However, this year I’ve realized something. New Year’s Day is probably one of the most hopeful days of the year; a day that everyone really believes in themselves. I think everyone sort of forgets what their limitations or responsibilties are and just sees what they want. And I know this sort of thinking isn’t the best on the long run. I know we’re supposed to be pragmatic and realistic (shush I know those two words mean the same thing). But I also think that the thing that also holds us back in life is being too practical. We tend to push the brakes too hard when we think that we’re aiming for something beyond our reach.

There’s a million things stopping us from doing what we want to do and I know that you know that what stops us most is ourselves. Sometimes we stop ourselves in the stupidest, most trivial things, and it breaks my heart when I remember how often I do it too.

Here’s a list (feel totally free to skip this part):

  1. Can’t start a YouTube channel because it would be sort of lame and I don’t want to be a wanna-be youtube artist and I’m defiantly not pretty enough to be on YouTube. Also, time.
  2. Can’t write because I’ve run out of ideas and my writing is so gloriously shitty right now
  3. Can’t dance cause you gotta start that shit early on in life
  4. Can’t do yoga because I look like a bear and can’t even touch my toes.
  5. Can’t meditate because I’ve broken the habit so many times in the past
  6. Can’t watercolor because even if I get good there are people who are so much better than me. Painfully better.
  7. Can’t journal because of the same reason as number 5. A lot of things fall under reason number 5.
  8. Can’t publish things on Medium because I do not have anything important to say. Or if I do, then it’s nothing that special really.
  9. Can’t start a new habit on New Years day because it’s just wishful thinking.

Here’s the crazy thing guys. You’re actually capable of more than you know and I’ll be real with you here. You’re not capable of absolutely everything in the world. You’re not, because we’re flesh and bones. But you’re capable of far more than you will ever know. I know you’ve heard this before, but I’ve honestly just fully realized this.

Take me for instance.

When I joined a running program, I genuinely thought I was throwing away my money. I’m 5'1 and I’m 145lbs, so no doubt overweight. The program was to run three times a week with a honking 5K run at the very end of it, so all in all, I was being deliriously optimistic even signing up. But I kind of…did it. All I thought to myself was, I really don’t want to quit this week. I have the rest of my life to quit so I wanna try not quitting for once.

And each week, I ran a little more. I felt the winter air in my throat like swallowing a handful of mints, the night sky winking, and the more than occasional smell of food coming from all the houses in the neighbourhood. Each week it got harder but the more I did it, the less I wanted to quit. And yesterday I just ran the 5K run which was more than I had trained for, but I actually made it past the finish line on my own two, home-grown, pair of legs.

I swear to you, I am not a work-out junkie. I never though I’d like working out, I’ve always hated going to the gym. Just two months ago, I was the sort of person that thought that exercising once a week was far too big a commitment. Working out once a week now? That’s me being naughty. That’s how easy it was to change my physical habits. All I had to do was show up, and it’s really that simple isn’t it?

There’s so many reasons to not try. But the best thing about New Year’s Day is that it really says screw that to all of those reasons. Turning over a new calendar year let’s us shed old skin and for a while, we’re completely new people. Someone with no strings attached.

I invite you to be completely foolish with me, for at least a month before sobriety kicks in. Let’s try doing all those things that we think we’re capable of right now. And if you’re a little jaded (with reason I’m sure), then be stupid all the same. I’ve always thought that everyone is too much in a rush to be mature and sensible. But we have mortgages and retirement plans and schooling and professional work to occupy all of that.

So make that resolution, make ten! They don’t have to be creative or specific, or they can be. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours down in the comments, and I promise to give each of you a reply.

New Years Resolution 2018:

  1. Start doing yoga at least twice a week
  2. Keep up the running habit x3 a week
  3. Start journaling again/write more pieces
  4. Edit more travelling videos
  5. Work harder in college
  6. Eat better
  7. Take more photos
  8. Be a little braver; love a little more; open up to people a little more.

Happy New Years guys =)

With Love,


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