Wow. Scared white man in the room.
Morgana Rae

Let’s not invoke the feminism card, Hillary Clinton is no more feminist than Margaret Thatcher was. I’m sure the countless innocent brown women who’ll lose their lives to airstrikes she orders will seriously appreciate you explaining to them how it’s okay because this time it’s a woman signing the warrants. She’s already a war criminal and given her record on foreign policy and diplomacy, I can only see that continuing. She’s already a racist, she’s already supporting the same deportation policies as Trump but just phrasing them in a manner more delicate than inflammatory ‘cos otherwise you chickensh*t liberals might start noticing she’s a right-wing monster too.

Takes more than being a “strong woman” to be a feminist, and if that “strength” comes from the subjugation of other women then how the hell can anyone act like her status as a woman overrides her status as a neoliberal warhawk masquerading incredibly conservative views as liberal ones and running a campaign pretty much solely based on not being Donald Trump. She is literally damn near just as bad as him. But hey, you ain’t gotta take it from me ‘cos if she gets in you’ll find out for yourself.

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