Red5 Pro Server and WHIP WebRTC

Paul Gregoire
2 min readOct 1, 2021


Disclaimer at the start, I am the Director of Media Server Development at Red5 Pro. I am and have been a Red5 open source developer for about 16 years. Without further adieu, here we go…

I was monitoring the video-dev slack channels a couple weeks ago and noticed a post from Sergio Garcia Murillo about a technology called WHIP created with the late Dr. Alex; it looked promising as a means to create a WebRTC ingest without the regular amount of back and forth. So I spent a weekend evening creating a PoC to use it with Red5 Pro Server and even with my rusty JavaScript skills I managed to make it work. I’m going to share the JavaScript source since it’s not exposing any critical IP and I’m interested in feedback for how I might have done something wrong in the eyes of the js gurus. Once I get approval from the “powers that be”, I’ll make the repo public, but I’ll warn you now, you’ll need a not-as-yet-available beta of Red5 Pro Server to run the server-side code; hopefully the server will be available by the time you read this, but we’ll see.

Red5 Pro WHIP demo HTML
Red5 Pro WHIP demo JavaScript

One thing that I did differently was to in-line the candidates in the SDP offer/answer. This has the effect of preventing extra back and forth, limiting POST requests and also allowing the server to get ICE established quicker.

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