Day 3 in boot camp

It is indeed so hard to overstate the intense level of my gratitude for receiving this great privilege. Boot camp is truly an awesome experience of which I can always speak about. It has truly enabled me enhance my intellectual accomplishment as well as my academic development. Unknown to me at first, I never knew all these great terminologies and testing frame-works used in JavaScript, but as of current I can say with confidence that I am really becoming transformed already. It’s truly amazing to always see myself creating problems and at the same time solving it.

I know that there are great challenges ahead of me and that I might get kicked off if I should relent in my efforts. i believe in social progress. I must adapt and commit myself even more than ever towards achieving these goal. I believe I can with hard works even if it seems difficult. I belong to the class of growth mindset individuals. I am very passionate about sharpening my knowledge by acquisition and Mastering of this skills administered at boot camp . This i believe I can achieve.

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