Pavillon [3/100]

I was born in France where I spent a large part of my childhood. Shortly after my birth, my parents moved my family into a house that my dad designed and architected from the ground up. We lived in a nice little neighborhood in the southeast suburbs of Paris where all the houses were new and built from scratch.

We had a name for our beloved little suburban home. We called it Pavillon, which means ‘house’ in French.

The house was white with a reddish brown tiled roof. The front door was toward the center left, made of a crisp brown wood. To the left of the front door was a window with a set of functional dark brown shutters made of heavy wood hugging each side of the window. To the right of the front door was a French door — a pair of doors with glass panes throughout its length. The French doors also had dark brown shutters made of heavy wood hugging each side of the glass panes. To the right of the French door was the garage door. The reddish brown tiled roof had three slanted windows that popped out of the roof. Each window came from a different room from upstairs.

There was not much space between houses. We shared a fence with our neighbors on the right, and we had a few feet of space separating us from our neighbors to the left.

The house had a wooden fence painted brown that enclosed only the front entrance. It had two entry-ways: one led to the front door and the second led to the garage door. Upon opening the fence to reach the house, one had to walk up a short path of bricks, elevated to form gradual stairs to the front door. The bricks covered the whole front lawn, from the front door rightwards. In the middle of the brick lining was a patch of earth reserved for magnificent flowers that bloomed in the spring. To the left of the brick path was grass to mark the front lawn. Three apple trees were planted on our front lawn that yielded fruit when the time came.

It was a small but well-built house, home to not only my nuclear family and me, but also to my grandma, uncles, aunts, and cousins who all lived with us for some time. Splendid and timeless memories were made in Pavillon. Times I’ll always remember as the golden days of my childhood.