5 Popular Materials Used for Furniture Manufacturing

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4 min readOct 29, 2015
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Furnitures have always been a major item that dominates the list in every home owners priorities whether if its finding a piece to suit the design of the house or comfortable enough for the whole family. Understanding which are the popular furniture materials also gives one an informed choice when selecting their desired furniture.

Below are the 5 popular materials used for furniture manufacturing:

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1. Wood

Wood materials have been used for the longest time. Whether if it is Teak, Redwood, Mahogany or even Composite Wood, they are one of the most popular kinds of materials used in furniture manufacturing. It is also one of the highest demanded material anywhere in the world and it’s still is up to today. The lifespan of wood also beats many other types of material and it’s also very simple to maintain. Besides being a material itself, it can also be combined with other materials like stainless steel or even leather. You may also want to read on a previous post that we covered on durable wood benches.

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2. Stainless Steel

As the name goes, Stainless Steel does not easily corrode, rust or even stained by water which normal steel does. Most of the outdoor tables and chairs that you see today are made of Stainless steel as they are highly durable and last for a long time with proper care and maintenance. Using water jet cutting technology, Stainless steel can be manufactured in many shapes and sizes and can be stored away without having to take up alot of space.

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3. Cane

An all natural material, Cane is popular in the outdoor furniture category due to its highly durable material aspect. Able to bent it any shape and size, Cane can create many designs that the mind can imagine and is rather affordable for the mass market. You may also want to read a previous post on some reasons cane furniture is popular.

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4. Plastic

One of the popular characteristics of plastic material are that it is lightweight and are able to meet the budget of the low budget consumer. Plastic is very suitable for the outdoors and comes in a variety of colours. However, Plastic material furniture loses it’s strength over time and if exposed to heavy weight over a long period of time, the parts might bend and its colour will fade overtime. Higher grades Plastic materials are more resistant to such problems even though they cost a bit more than normal plastic materials.

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5. Fabric

Another popular fabric, fabric furniture is often seen as a luxury and sophisticated material that is used in many upholstered furnitures. However before deciding to purchase an outdoor furniture made of fabric, do check with your supplier if the chair can be easily reupholstered as it will definitely help when it comes to replacing the material of the furniture and reusing back the same frame. This will not only be cost saving in the long run but it can also give you an entirely different look for your furniture. Some recommended fabrics include linen, cotton, velvet, jute and cotton.

As the market changes and evolves with more and more new designs, furnitures that give the comfort and ease of convenience will definitely be more popular in the long run. However if you can also visit our previous blog post for useful tips when selecting outdoor furniture.



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