How to keep your calendars up-to-date if you’re using Apple Calendar on Mac and Google calendar on your Android phone?

It is common to see people with the whole Apple armada, a MacBook or an iMac as their computer, an iPhone as their phone and an iPad or an iWatch as their third / fourth Apple device.

But, I assume that even more people are like me, with an Apple computer and an Android phone. Even more people, I think, have an iPhone and a PC as a computer.

I must admit that I was too lazy to look for figures and check if what I am saying is true. Is there someone less lazy in the place to check this??

In the Android world, it is very easy to use Google as it is very well integrated. Naturally, I started using Google calendar as my preferred mobile calendar.

On Mac, I started using the calendar application which is very practical to use.

But, at a point, I got a little frustrated because neither of my calendars were reliable since the events I created with my mac were not synchronised with my mobile and vice versa. A lot of tech-savvy people will laugh reading these lines. But, I think that the majority of people do not know how to handle this.

If you have ever experienced the pain of not synced calendars between your mac and your Android phone, this is how I managed to resolve it, in just two steps.

1. Add Google calendar to your calendar on mac

The first step to manage your Android calendar / Apple calendar synchronisation is to add your Google calendar account to the iCal application on your mac.

In Apple calendar on your mac, click on the “calendar” tab and then on the“Add Account” button.

Then, click on “Google” to let your mac access your Google account data. Enter your Gmail account and your password and on the “Done” button when it’s done ;)

You can let your mac access the Google data from different applications (email, contacts, calendar, …). But, in our case, it is sufficient to give access only to your Google calendar data. Click on “done”!

At this stage, your Google calendar is added to your Apple calendar on your mac. We can move to the next step!

2. Make Google calendar as your default calendar on mac

This next step is very simple. You just need to click on the “calendar” tab (the Apple calendar application on your mac) and then click on “Preferences”.

In the third paragraph of the “general” tab, you can read “Default calendar”.

By default, it is one of the calendars linked to Apple, but you can choose your Google calendar as the default calendar by selecting it in the list of the added calendars.

Now, when you create an event from the Apple calendar app, it is by default created with your Google account.

Try it. And, then, go to your Android phone to check if the event was also added to your mobile calendar. Is it working? Great!

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