A Few More Thoughts on the Inevitable Rise of Soccer in the U.S.
M.G. Siegler

I’m a huge soccer fan (as opposed to Handegg, i.e: American Football). I agree that the format doesn’t lend itself very much to ads, however, one thing I’ve noticed is FS1 making the screen a tad smaller for a couple of seconds to feature a custom, native ad. Pretty cool. Not as aggravating as the ads at every stoppage of play. Infuriating still is that in American Football, there are “TV stoppages”…In other words, we’re going to cut to a commercial for the heck of it.

One thing I will ask is whether or not Boxing’s decline really has anything to do with brutality. How would you explain the rise of the UFC (taking starpower out of the equation because…Rousey)? I think this shows the opposite (maybe). UFC is more real. Hence WWE’s decline. America has always loved brute force and power: Ford trucks, boxing in the 70s, the UFC now, Hummers, etc.

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