Writing has always been one of those things I always wish I was good at but never got the confidence to challenge myself of doing. My mind goes blank every time I wish to take up the challenge. To start with, English was never my best subject during my school days, hmm…. I really do not think I ever had a best subject. Just preferred some few ones over the others. I know that to be a good writer you have to take some certain steps which I’m at this point ready to take. I admire writes a lot and one day I want to look back and admire myself for being a good writer. So now the big question is where do I start from?

Well now you are writing now! Practice Makes Perfect

Yeah!!! that’s true. Practice Makes Perfect.

So I only need to continue writing to achieve my goal?

No not just that, You need to nurture and upgrade your skills

Oh Yeah!, But how do you do this?

Well, kick start by doing a simple research on how to be a better writer, put into to practice all that you find out and sure you will become more happy about your writing skills.

Wow!!! This is such great insight, now I think I have gained some courage to face my fears about being a writer. This definitely would help me tackle other areas which seems difficult to achieve.


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