Case Study 3 Pepper Fry: Part 3

5% of the retail market is covered by furtniture and only 6% was organised ,
Whereas Apparel had 8% of retail market and 33% was organised, hence there is a lot of scope in furniture(less competition) sector as only 6% is organised wheras
in fashion sectore since 33% was organised , the competition would be high .

Between 2014–2015, retail market in furniture rose by ore than 41% whereas fashion and apparels grew by only 12%.

India e-retail market size in furniture vertical was growing 10% year on year consistently.

GMV and Revenue were growing consistently in Furniture vertical and was highest. In Oct-Dec, 13 quarter revenue was even more than total revenue of other verticals.
For Pepper Fry,Furniture vertical had highest product margin which was appx. 40% consistently for last couple of quarters.

The demand for an organised sector in furniture is increasing as they would get varieties of offering and in the survey it was concluded that 53% of ppl highly likely 
that they would buy furniture online.

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