Aquino and The Philippine Soldiers…

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To the Past, Present and Future Commander-in-Chiefs…

When you want Filipinos to fight for the Philippine sovereignty in South China Sea and Spratly Islands…

When you want Filipinos to rally behind your cause…

As the Commander-in-Chief, you must become their ultimate inspiration… or an image of it, at least… for them to exude their deep-seated courage…


I admire former Pres. Aquino for not being “trapo.” I can see he really does not shake hands with wounded people if he does not want to. Is he afraid of germs? I mean, it is truly okay, I understand there are people afraid of unseen creatures that can cause monumental havoc in our bodies considered so puny in this universe (like me, sometimes).

My question: Did you feel inspired while watching him in these videos? Someone should have coached him to touch the soldiers’ shoulders, at least, to appear sympathizing enough.

If he were still the Commander-in-Chief and he declared war against China, would you be willing to join the army?

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Visit to the wake of 1Lt. Francis Damian 9/26/2013
Wake Visit to 1Lt Roger Flores 6/27/2014
Visit to the Wake of 7 Marine Soldiers Killed in Sulu
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