Does somebody want House Speaker Alvarez’ head?

You must have already heard of the whole hullabaloo between Bureau of Customs Chief of Staff Mandy Anderson and Speaker of the House Pantaleon Alvarez. I will not judge Speaker Alvarez because I do not know the whole story. If Speaker Alvarez did make a mistake, Karma and God would find their way to him. This is his fight, he will face it.

However, for the biggest news network, i.e. ABS-CBN, to approach the Speaker’s wife and ask her about their failed marriage and her (negative) opinion about the “dissolution of marriage” proposal, that is something else. Why would anyone want to derail his proposed bills?

She and others insinuate this could be self-serving because of his unhappy marriage. If we use that kind of logic, you also need to ask this question: Is the Speaker’s proposed same-sex union bill also self-serving?

And then I saw this link about Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman.

Liberal Party of the Philippines… LP… Liberal Democracy…

They had their chance, their golden chance, to pass the divorce bill and the same-sex union bill during the height of the Liberal Party’s power… especially during President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s term… He may not be a millennial but I consider him the “Millennial President”. Young, modern thinking, liberal, enlightened… The President you would expect to approve these bills because it was his time. It was the time of liberal democracy. So, how come they did not pass nor endorse those bills? Afraid of the Catholic church? Afraid to lose the votes or what?

And now that there is a possibility it will happen during the time of Pres. Duterte, they want some of the limelight?

Emelita Apostol Alvarez, the wife of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, is right. The bills for the dissolution of marriage and same-sex unions are not priority bills (so it’s okay to wait for 2 or 3 years because there are other more important proposed bills to discuss, like I wish I could hear more about a revised bill related to mining, but I’m not sure if it is also prioritized).

You know what they are? They are yet-to-become landmark bills. They are (one of) the defining moments of the Duterte administration and Speaker Alvarez’ political career. I can already imagine the newspaper headlines they will make in the Philippines and around the world. A magtataho and a magbabalot at the corner may not be concerned with the tax reform the Duterte government is spearheading, but they will definitely have opinions about the dissolution of marriage and same-sex unions.

Right now, we are in the “it’s still all talk, as usual” stage. I asked my mother for her opinion about the dissolution of marriage, she said she does not have an opinion for now because it is not yet discussed, and she is right. However, when the congress is finally on the verge of approving or disapproving these two bills, one can expect an uproar. From the husbands, from the wives, from the LGBTQ+, from the Catholic church…

Defining moments… in the sense that…

Dissolution of Marriage: Philippines is one of the two countries that does not have divorce laws. When Speaker Alvarez’ dissolution of marriage bill becomes a law, it means Philippines is the last country to approve this divorce-like law (I am not expecting Vatican City to approve divorce, anyway).

Former Pres. Aquino was mentioned in the article above:

A bill that would legalize divorce in the Philippines is now before the legislature, but it has little chance of becoming law without the support of President Benigno Aquino III, who is on record saying divorce is a “no-no” for this archipelago nation. Aquino, a bachelor and a practicing Catholic, said he does not want the Philippines to become like Las Vegas, where “you get married in the morning [and] you get divorced in the afternoon.”” — This is the opinion of a former President that belongs to a party that promotes liberal democracy.

Same-sex Unions: You already know the presence of fierce pro-Duterte gay men and/or transgender are very strong in social media. They and their friends hold the online enemies at bay. And this is not just about them.

This is also about Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s image as a “dictator.”

Once Speaker Alvarez’ Same-Sex Union Bill becomes a law, you can no longer compare Pres. Duterte with…

Pres. Vladimir Putin — In Russia, if I am not mistaken, same-sex unions are strictly no-no. They even have the anti-homosexuality propaganda law?

Not sure what exactly it is all about, but it is somewhat about protecting the children from “harmful” materials. The preservation of the values of a traditional family (one man, one woman) must be protected. They have valid points and it’s their country.

Pres. Donald Trump — He recently announced (or tweeted) the banning of transgender from the military due to the reason of saving the budget instead of being used for the purposes of changing some soldiers’ gender.

USA, the last country you would expect to hear news from like this…

Not sure why but, for me, it sounds like, “You can change your gender, just use your own salary?”

Pres. Trump has valid points and it is his own country.

Adolf Hitler — He was suspected of being a closet homosexual, not sure why gay men were persecuted during his time. All I could gleaned was that they were a threat to the buildup of a “master race”?

Whatever. No valid points.

Once Speaker Alvarez’ Same-Sex Union Bill becomes a law, local and international mainstream media will face more difficulties in painting the Duterte administration as “a government run by a dictator”.

Liberal Party of the Philippines? Aquino III for 6 years? Between 2010 and 2016? Liberal Democracy? It felt like sleepwalking, for some reason.

They are not priority bills, so let’s wait for 2, 3 or 4 years.

But once they become law, I hope Liberal Party will let it be the shining moment of the Duterte administration.

We are now in the time of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

We are now in the time of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

Let them shine.

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