Will expound on this sooner or later…

“I don’t usually post on Facebook but, these past few weeks, I have to. I don’t agree with extrajudicial killings. I don’t agree with Marcos getting buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani / Heroes’ Cemetery. However, I wish President Duterte to last for 6 years. Only somebody like him could stop that Bullet Scamming at the airport. Only somebody like him would dare to restore the China-Philippines relationship not (or less) based on US interests.

Please be very careful because there are now Americans who wish to see your downfall. I don’t want you to end up like Salvador Allende of Chile. It may be better to:

1. Apologize to Ambassador Goldberg for the “gay” remark.
2. Remember that USA, even though their interference-and-intervention skills are waning slowly but surely, is still very much on top of their game.
3. Consider the number of protesters against Marcos’ burial. If there are too few of them, it’s full steam ahead. If there are too many of them, call it off. You also don’t want foreign elements capitalizing on this.

Mathew Davies: “Duterte’s statements, perhaps not even all his actions taken together, do not have to mark the beginning of the end of the US-Philippines alliance. But it is in the interests of both sides to underline that this should be the end of the first phase of Duterte’s stewardship of this most important relationship.”

P.S. Where is the TV show “Mula sa Masa, Para sa Masa”? The sooner it goes on air, the better.” — Full content

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