Feeling sad and guilty…

I feel sad and guilty for what happened to former DILG Secretary Sueno… but I won’t question the wisdom and decision of H.E. Mr. Rodrigo Roa Duterte, President of the Republic of the Philippines (yes, have to write that one completely, it’s a must).

This is why I wonder about the others, why they are questioning him. I heard one newscaster on the radio saying the letter was anonymous, no investigation or chance to explain given, etc. etc… I wish I could tell them that, if people are fighting each other in private and internal issues can still be contained, good. If it has reached public knowledge, it means it is bad. Especially if the people involved are all members of the same group, not from different political parties. A group that is supposed to support all the President’s goals at all costs.

In any case, I believe I got my karma this morning. I wish a police officer was present to arrest me for putting my own life in danger by crossing the street while the traffic was continuously moving, I am sure the traffic light was green that time. I would definitely learn my lesson more if that were the case. In any case, I will definitely be more cautious on the streets.

I still feel sad… and I feel sadder because, after the Sueno event, the news of Pulse Asia survey was released. President’s Duterte’s ratings dipped. What is sadder is, when I looked at the Twitter pages of Leah Navarro, Jim Paredes, Abi Valte, et al. well-known Yellowtards, there wasn’t a single link about former Sec. Sueno when he has been on the headlines since yesterday… but Leah Navarro rejoiced the Pulse Asia Survey news.

I really, really, REALLY don’t like her. I only go to her page every once in a while because the anti-Duterte people provide helpful links every now and then. Links to help me see what and how the “other side” thinks.

Update: Leah Navarro finally tweeted about former DILG Sec. Sueno. In a malicious way. She will never see anything good for the next five years.

I feel really sad… but I will have to let my emotions ebb away to see things clearly.