North Korea… Lagot…

Otto Warmbier, your former American prisoner, died. Not sure why he became comatosed but, one way or another, you will have your own Karma (and I hope soon). Maybe USA will not declare war against you (for now) but I still wish to witness what kind of Karma awaits you.

I do believe in Karma. It takes time because it bides its time.

I do believe in Karma because it is the most affordable in achieving justice.

North Korea… Lagot…

Kim Jong-Un, you’re young, can still turn your way around. Better talk to South Korea now because Karma does exist.

If you think the Law of Karma only happens to an individual, I wish to let you know Karma has the power to engulf an entire country and make it succumb to its wishes.

So, better change, North Korea, especially when there’s still time.

Before it’s too late.

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