Philippine Jeepneys

With all the madness going on (especially Sen. De Lima saying Pres. Duterte is the “top drug lord” — lol!), I am not going to discuss any of those because I don’t want to go mental. Because… well, they have a plan. They have a F****NG plan. They will proceed with the plan, anyway, whether Trump supports them or not (of course, Trump won’t support them. Soros and Nicholas-Lewis and Hillary team will, eh?), so what’s the point of howling about it 24–7? Let them proceed then. Let them do what they want. Let’s just move on with our daily lives, eat, go to work, do your job, go home, sleep. Don’t mind them. We’ll see who gets the last laugh.

So, this post is about Philippine jeepneys and dedicated to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (lol… who else?). With the infrastructure plans on going and others about to take place, one expects so much traffic for the next few months, if not years. So, what’s the point? Focus on what you have now. Tricycles, jeepneys, taxis, buses, MRT, LRT, etc. How do you make them look comfortable?

I admire RRCG Transport bus system. They have really cool buses. Clean-looking. Air-conditioned. Smell nice, always nice. I hate those Filipinos who still put chewing gums at the back of the seats (I mean, you only expect well-mannered yuppies taking RRCG buses? You’re completely dead wrong.) Below is a photo of RRCG bus:

The buses that I ride run between Alabang and Makati. Point-to-point system.

Anyway, going back to the jeepneys. Jeepneys are considered the main mode of transportation by many Filipinos. If the government can implement policies to change the looks of Philippine jeepneys, pretty sure people from different walks of life (especially those from classes A, B and C) would be more encouraged to ride them. I have seen a handful of foreigners taking RRCG buses, they will definitely take jeepneys if they feel safe being in them.

There are two posts talking about jeepneys, one in English language and the other one in Tagalog:

Date Created: October 01, 2016
Date Created: May 31, 2015

So, what to change in jeepneys?

  1. Rusty metal grab handle (not sure how you call them in English. Hawakan ng kamay?) and rusty interior
  2. Seats with exposed foam
  3. Drivers wearing sando and with dirty hands (this is understandable because they manage the engines of the jeepneys they drive. Still, it would be great if the drivers look polite and clean-looking)

I have seen commendable-looking jeepneys (they look clean, the seats are comfortable to use and no exposed foam, the handles and surroundings are stainless steel) and I have also seen jeepneys that aren’t totally presentable-looking (they seem so exhausted they should be off the streets for good).

Yes, focus on what you have now. How do you make the current members of Philippine transport system (tricycles, jeepneys, buses, etc.) more comfortable-looking and presentable-looking to make the people get attracted to them and abandon their cars to lessen the traffic jam?

I can’t avoid watching Director Edward Jobson of Volvo, always seeing him in those videos on board RRCG Buses, so you learn a thing or two from him. Less vehicles, more space. Kudos to Director Edward Jobson!

Right now, what works for everybody are the RRCG Buses and BCG Buses in Taguig City.

Also, it may be better to request to all corporations and companies to provide shuttle buses for their employees (courtesy of RRCG Buses and BCG Buses if need be). If they worry about gasoline expenses, then they can calculate with how much one employee pays for the transportation fare back and forth and deduct that or half of that from his salary in exchange of giving him a free ride from and to work.

You know what, I am writing this with a drowsy mind. I won’t check my English grammar. I don’t care if I commit many mistakes here, lol! In, on, at, whoa whoa whoa. Okay, time to give my eyes some rest. This white background here is irritating, to be honest. So white!

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