On the threshold of the Bulletproof technology implementation, Monero community was polled about auditing this process. The issue is that there are many developers are working on this feeding-in, and some points could be overseen or even lost. Moreover, there might be some aspects which could be improved.

For this purposes, it was decided to invite third-party specialists and companies for an independent audit. The Monero Community have chosen three contractors: Benedikt Bünz, QuarksLab, and Kudelski Security. The complete audit from all three companies will cost about 130 XMR and around $50,000.

As far as XMR is community-based and community-funded…

The fourth annual summit dedicated to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency — Consensus 2018 — started today, 14th May 2018. For the last four years, it becomes one of the main events in the crypto world. This year the conference is organized by the leading blockchain and crypto assets media CoinDesk and features more than 250 speakers and 4,000 attendees from all over the world.
Representatives of the prominent industry startups, institutions, enterprise tech and academic groups are on their way to the conference.

From year to year, the interest toward the blockchain industry grows, and so does the industry…

Coincheck crypto exchange, which is the part of the Monex Group and one of the most significant cryptos and financial service companies in Japan, partly restored its support for Monero (XMR). Now Coincheck users can withdraw and sell XMR through the exchange, but not purchase them.

This January, Coincheck experienced one of the biggest hacks in cryptocurrency history and lost about ¥58 billion (~$550 million). Since that time, exchange suspended all transactions for the most anonymous currencies: Monero (XMR), Dash (DASH) and Zcash (ZEC). …

Auspicious Boston FinTech startup “Circle Invest,” which is a part of the Circle Internet Financial, company backed with venture capital of the Goldman-Sachs bank, added the support of Monero (XMR).

Circle Internet Financial was founded in late 2013 and started with the app Circle Pay, a peer-to-peer payments software. After five years, in March 2018 the company announced their new product, Circle Invest, which is a zero commission trading app for cryptocurrencies.

New software started with the support of the major cryptos: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ethereum Classic (ETC). …

Today Monero has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies thanks to its privacy. And with the continuously rising price for Monero coin, the community’s interest is getting higher day to day.

There are dozens of mining pools and exchanges supporting Monero (XMR), but how is better to collect your coins before they are exchanged?

There are several different ways to organize your Monero wallet, so let’s look at the most secure and useful of them.

1. Monero GUI Desktop wallet

Yesterday, May 3rd, hard-fork of the Monero was made. The snapshot of the network was taken at the #1564965 block. Now we all are waiting for the Mainnet release, which we hope to be very soon.

After Mainnet is released, all Monero holders as of block #1564965 will also become MoneroV owners. To automatically obtain new coins via AirDrop, holders should store their Monero (XMR) to their local wallets, or to any service, which declared support of the new after-fork currency — MonerV (XMV). …

UNICEF Australia will start using Coinhive to obtain donations in the form of shared computing power. Cryptocurrency mined with this power will be used to fund UNICEF projects.

People could share a portion of their computing powers through in-browser mining Coinhive AuthedMine. As far as the only Coinhive-supported cryptocurrency is Monero (XMR), it’s evident that UNICEF is going to use this coin for funding. It’s still not clear whether they will somehow use mined coins or change them to Australian dollars for further financings.

Despite the numerous questions around the in-browser mining caused by its security breaches and easiness of hacking, it’s exciting to see organizations like UNICEF not only accepting cryptocurrency and blockchain but also integrating it into their business processes.

Last friday, April 27th, one of the biggest South African exchanges — ICE³X added support of the Monero (XMR) coin. Firstly, pair XMR/BTC was added and now there is also XMR/ZAR pair, what means that exchange users can now cash out their cryptocurrency with quite good rate.

For last week exchange rate for XMR/ZAR almost 50% growth, achieving its’ peak on April 25th with 1 to 3684 rate (XMR/ZAR respectively).

ICE³X is the first and only cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa to support and list the Monero token, which currently includes XMR/ZAR & XMR/BTC markets.

“We think Monero is currently…

There are about 3–5 days remaining till MoneroV XMV hard fork. The estimated date of the fork is April 30th, but the chain-split would take place at block #1564965, which might occur a day or two later than expected. At the moment, the hard fork timer on the MoneroV website is counting a few more than 5 days, but it could be changed at any given time.

Many services and exchanges already announced support of the MoneroV fork: HitBTC, CoinEx, BTC Alpha and others. It means that MoneroV is fully accepted by the biggest exchanges.

The Monero blockchain will continue…

As it was announced earlier by Dubai cryptocurrency exchange BitOasis, today support of two more new coins was added on the BitOasis digital asset trading exchange: Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC). This is the answer to the continuously growing demand for cryptocurrencies from the customers of the Gulf Cooperation Council — UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and others.

The Arabian market has high perspectives for blockchain implementation and using of cryptocurrencies. As far as there are no issues with regulatory side and the interest in all new technologies is high, these countries are pretty suitable for crypto expansion.

BitOasis is…


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