We completed the PoA milestone which was the last major requirement before kicking off the first MONET testnet. In the process we made some important improvements to Babble, EVM-Lite, and wallets. All this work is concentrated in monetd which is the server process for a MONET node. We also created an iOS version of Chatterbox, and leveraged Babble’s Dynamic Membership protocol to improve the user experience when creating and joining chats.


Monetd is the program run by validators on the MONET Hub. It is a smart-contract platform based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, powered by our Babble consensus engine. …

We have many followers in our Telegram channel, but many of them prefer to watch our announcements rather than provide own ideas and critical thoughts. Right now it is the time for us when it is crucial to know your opinion, because it will help us to make the right decisions about the MONET future. For this reason we decided to launch a contest among all our Telegram subscribers, where you have a possibility to earn TENOM tokens just for an active participation in MONET Telegram channel.

You get rewards for:

Active participation in our Telegram channel, such as: asking…

Tenom will be issued based on the Babble Blockchain. Tenom is the native token on Monet Hub (not ERC20). Tenom will be issued to the contributors of the token sale.

After the ICO end, additional tenom Tokens will be given to validators as a reward for the computational force, mining and securing work they perform within the Monet Hub. This is the process of emission typical for blockchains, being the tenom Token a native token.

The tokens will be transferred to the contributor’s addresses created right after the ICO. Tenom is a token, native to Monet ecosystem. …

Today is an important day for our company. We are excited to announce the terms and timeline of the TENOM token sale. The sale will be conducted in two phases:

  • Presale will begin on July 15th and finish 31 of July, 2019
  • Public Sale will start 16 of September and finish 27 of September, 2019

All information that is related to the Public sale you may find on this page: https://monet.network/token_sale.html

In case you are interested in receiving the details of the closed presale, just send us an email to ping@monet.network.

In order to participate please add your contacts to…

After months of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! We invite all community members to visit monet.network, where you can learn more about MONET and our current works. Share your thoughts about the site in our Telegram channel!

Some of the new pages, that you may like:

About MONET (https://monet.network/about.html ) — learn about MONET, our vision, what we are doing now, how our solutions suit gaming industry and much more.

For Developers ( https://monet.network/for-developers.html) — links to important documentation, our bounty program and other useful stuff for developers. …

Since our last dev update, we have been focusing on important new features. We implemented a solution to Babble dynamic participants, started using WiFi Direct in our mobile ad-hoc blockchain demo, and built two clients (CLI and GUI) for EVM-Lite (the basis for a TENOM wallet). This has been a long effort of research and experimentation around critical components of the envisioned MONET infrastructure. In this update, we present the progress we made in the last couple of months.

Babble Core

Regarding Babble, our BFT consensus engine, the main focus was on implementing Dynamic Participants, an extension to the original Hashgraph protocol…

About our program

Our long term objective is to build open-source tools and infrastructure to facilitate the development of effective p2p applications. Our approach is to build things from the ground up; to start with apps, and develop the tools and infrastructure as needs arise. Of course, this is a bit of a chicken and egg problem, but the current stable version of Babble — our mobile-friendly consensus protocol — and the example Android applications should be a good starting point. …

The community’s opinion is important to MONET team. We are pleased to announce regular Ask Me Anything sessions with our co-founders: Martin Arrivers and Giacomo Puri Purini.

All the questions you may have about the project, white paper, roadmap and future partnerships are very welcome. Feel free to ask them here.

We respond to all questions once in two weeks in our Telegram chat and Reddit, so don’t forget to join.

We announce about finishing of the active bounty campaign stage and would like to thank all the participants who joined our mission to enable decentralized applications on mobile.

There were over 450 submitted works, and our community has grown exponentially since the start of our program. We appreciate each and every one of you for the valuable contributions and spreading the word. We will distribute the entire award among all campaign participants within this week. The final rankings of all bounty participants can be found here.

We still welcome active participation of community members and reward the people who submit…

Recently we’ve launched the Dev Bounty Program for mobile developers. Learn more!

We want to say Thank you to all the participants of our bounty program. We have received more than 450 works and we think that it is enough number to re-evaluate a current status of the program. From this day forward we want to concentrate our efforts on technical development of the MONET ecosystem, so we stop receiving works the main goal of which is marketing promotion of the project (general reviews, articles, graphics, etc). We continue accept works that are related to the technical development of the…

Mosaic Networks

Modular Blockchain Software

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