Another proof that reusable digital identity is the future, this time from fintech. Onfido, Deloitte, and Evernym have recently announced the positive results of their Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulatory sandbox pilot, confirming that reusable digital identity solution has been proven with market participants.

A question to business owners: would you implement a reusable digital identity solution? How do you think it would help your business?

For those who are less familiar with the concept, here’s the problem. To access any online service, you need to prove your identity by creating a new profile and re-verify it for each service…

Data is the new oil. And your digital profile is a tank for it, which never runs low. But how can we make the best out of it? Help us find out and build the most appropriate tool by completing this survey!

Originally published at on June 23, 2020.

Hello, Monethians! You might have noticed that we have lately narrowed our focus to digital identity, privacy, and utilizing value of data. The reason is that we are looking for a better market fit for the Monetha app. And we ask you, our community, to help us shape it up.

We want the Monetha app to be a tool allowing users to:
— manage and safely store personal profile (in encrypted form);
— share specific parts of the profile with others (other users and businesses) ;
— terminate sharing of the data at any time (utilizing GDPR right to be…

Today marks the 2nd Birthday of GDPR’s implementation.
GDPR, General Data Privacy Regulation, has put personal data privacy to the forefront within the whole European Union and given European citizens the right to privacy.

It changed the way businesses use personal data. They now have to inform a user about how their personal data will be used. They also have to send a user all his/her personal data collected and remove it upon request.

There’s a long road ahead for most companies to comply with privacy laws, but GDPR is a brave step forward that already shows progress. At best, it could be a gold-standard piece of legislation that will inspire change in the tech industry for years to come.

Originally published at on May 25, 2020.

Cybercrimes are on the rise, and one of the most popular types of cyberattacks come in the form of ransomware. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, global ransomware costs are forecast to reach $20 billion by 2021 with its attacks to occur every 11 seconds. These numbers alone reveal an incredibly complicated issue that requires a lot of attention.

What is ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software that locks access to user’s files or even the device. Then, the attacker demands an anonymous payment to unlock the files and/or the device, usually via a pop-up message on the screen of an infected computer or mobile phone…

Monetha together with Wolfram Blockchain Labs take a strong step to address various challenges of today and tomorrow with their combined enterprise-grade tech efforts, talent and experience. Monetha has a goal of solving trust and reputation challenges among other problems and now we’re proud to announce that we have teamed up with a perfect partner to help us out with this mission.

Wolfram Blockchain Labs (WBL) is a subsidiary of Wolfram Research exclusively licensed with powerful Wolfram blockchain technologies and specifically designed to extend ecosystem tools for application development for decentralized ledger technology (DLTs).

We’re back with a new mobile app update!

It focuses on the advancements of Digital Identity — the private data exchange.

But before we get into it, let’s us remind you about the Digital Identity.

With the Monetha Digital Identity you own your personal data and have full control over it, with the choice of where to use your personal information and how. No central authority can censor your identity or take it away. Securely exchange this data without intermediary and without worrying it will be compromised as it uses state of the art cryptography. …

Lately blockchain has been gaining more and more traction among businesses. True, the same could have been said a year, or even two years ago; but today we’re at a much further stage toward adoption. And while enterprises are still cautious about distributed ledger technology, continuous educational efforts by evangelists such as Deloitte, greatly improved development tools from IBM, JP Morgan, and the like, as well as the increasing fear of missing out are spawning pilot projects throughout a range of industries.

However, none has garnered so much attention as supply chains — the driving force behind much of today’s…

Here we introduce our approach to data verification and how we use Verifiable Data layer so that entities could evaluate the trustworthiness of one another.


The Verifiable Data layer of Monetha’s Platform is designed in a way which enables blockchain network participants to evaluate the trustworthiness of one another by securely accessing context-relevant information.

Verifiable Data layer provides the following key elements and possibilities:

  • - Digital Identity — a collection of data points about an entity (person, object, organization, etc.) stored in a secure and censorship-resistant manner. …

The aim of this article is to explain what the Monetha Platform is and how it can be used, in a simple and straightforward manner. We will skip the convoluted backstories-let’s leave those for food recipes-and cut straight to the chase.

So, what is it? Simply put, the Monetha Platform is a toolkit for blockchain development. It represents two years of condensed effort, made so that others could build upon our work, saving time and resources.

Is it a blockchain? No. Instead, the platform lets you create things on various blockchains to make use of their desirable characteristics, such as…

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